Golden View

I am Paolo Secci, I have Sardinian roots but for twenty-five years I have been adopted by Florence. Here, I studied architecture and then devoted myself completely to cooking, my true vocation since childhood, when I asked my aunt Anna to reveal the secrets of her ravioli to be able to make them on my own.

The thirst for recipes, new techniques and culinary methodologies has never abandoned me and, in many years around Italy and around the world, has allowed me to accumulate a very varied and heterogeneous wealth of knowledge, constantly inspiring my curiosity for the ingredients and raw materials typical of the places where I lived. My cuisine is based on the constant research for fresh and genuine flavours, on the careful choice of raw materials of absolute excellence and on the balance between simplicity and extreme refinement of the dishes. The perfect mix of innovation and tradition is the best way to surprise the senses and guarantee a sublime culinary experience, without unsustainable extravagances or unnecessarily eccentric combinations.

I have been Chef of the Golden View since 2018 even if I have had the opportunity to work in the restaurant since its inception; in this new role it was possible for me to realize my idea of ​​the kitchen with the utmost autonomy, above all thanks to the synergistic collaboration with all the staff and the constant trust of the Grasso family.