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My name is Simone Venerando Grasso and I take part of the Golden View management team. 

The road to achieving this goal, that makes me proud every day, has been anything but downhill, but let’s start from the beginning. 

My education was divided between the agricultural school in Florence and the hotel managment school in Figline Valdarno. These choices have led me to have a very broad and detailed knowledge and understanding of catering and the supply chain. In the summer months of that period I was given the opportunity to become part of the restaurant staff with precise instructions, “make yourself available to others”, this made me know in addition to the real work also many figures and personalities who coloured then my professional and private life. It was in those moments that I was literally quick from the atmosphere of the Golden View and I understood I didn’t want to work anywhere else but there. 

After my studies, like a bolt from the blue, the wine manager Paolo Miano told me that he needed a shoulder to manage the wine cellar, a dream that became reality. The knowledge I have acquired is unparalleled: a privilege that has shaped me and made me come into close contact with the world of wine, it fascinated me and made me fall in love so much that I invested, together with my family, in 2015 in a small winery in Chianti.  Another assignment that I carried out within the company was in the bar O’Cafe, where I also entered the pyrotechnic world of the cocktail bar by acting as a second barman to some of the best barmen in the Florentine scene.   

The following years were dedicated exclusively to the refinement of service techniques, starting from the professional figure with less responsibility up to having the duty management as a chef de rang. 

However, to complete my journey, I lacked familiarity with the languages, so I decided to take a year gap from Golden View to make some experience abroad. I returned more energized and willing than ever, my skills were finally sufficiently suited to cover roles of even greater responsibility. 

The desire was great and the honor of sitting at the manager’s table came a few years ago. Being side by side and sharing thoughts or strategies with people who professionally have few equals,  is the most stimulating thing ever experienced. 

In a nutshell the most beautiful job in the world.