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My name is Steven, born, raised and well fed in the Arezzo area. My working approach in the restaurant field dates back to the early 2000s, started with what I still love to define today as the magical world of catering! Luckily the company I worked for was one of the most successful and important of the moment. This allowed me to get closer to the jet-set of fashion, politics and entertainment.

It was immediately clear to me how important it was to create empathy with customers by showing them not just food ready to be eaten, but also what comes immediately before it, the dedication and passion that can be involved in preparing that food. Experience which will then be presented, explained, told. 

The magic, a brief union, an alchemy between what is eaten and who eats consciously, all thanks to a person who becomes a confidant, a trusted man, a friend, in one word OSTE, in his more romantic variation.

The twenty years went by fast but this imprinting remains and it leads me to work on myself, on my knowledge of the raw material and on the ability to display and nevertheless to learn about new products. I’m moving away from large productions (some of which of admirable make-up, however ) to find those small companies capable of creating a product that can be the synthesis of passion, dedication, excellent raw material and a story that perfectly blends everything together !!

Truly said, it is not so easy to come across these realities. Sometimes behind a craftsmanship lies the pitfall of inconstancy and some errors, but when it happens there is nothing more exciting for me! This is how, over the years,

I have formed my experience and since 2019 I have the pleasure and honor of being part of the Golden View family! I speak of family because I immediately felt part of it, sharing its philosophy and that innate predisposition to beauty and harmony that if you have it you have it, and if you don’t have it you will never know what I’m talking about!

At Golden View I had the opportunity to bring my knowledge by evolving the classic Tuscan platters of cold cuts and cheeses to a gourmet experience where every single product is designed to give an extraordinary organoleptic experience while maintaining a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere as if we were spread on the sofa at home!

Hoping to have tickled the curiosity of anyone who reads this short story, I look forward to meeting you at the Golden View to put everything I know into practice!

Greetings from your friendly host from the neighborhood!