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My name is Tommaso Grasso and my professional career began in 1999, at the age of 19, after a brief university experience I decided to take over, together with a friend, already an expert in the sector, a small place, an Osteria located near Santa Croce Square, in which I took my first steps. Not only in catering field but in the world of work in general.

After 3 years, the enormous love and passion for this magical job lead me from not knowing how to use a corkscrew to being manager in charge for the purchases and sales of most of the finest Tuscan wines in our Osteria which in the meantime (ran the year 2002), had achieved a success that allowed me, what I still define today, a youthful madness.

I sold the Osteria and took over a 4 times larger fast food-like restaurant in the most beautiful area of Florence, 4 times I decided to get into debt for 20 years and take charge of a practically bankrupt restaurant.

I founded the Golden View and since that day I have managed and directed it personally. In all these years there are countless aspects and specializations developed within my work activity. I remember with joy the creation, together with Paolo Miano, of our cellar, located in a 1400s estate in Via de Bardi, one of the most important Wine cellars in Italy. The organization of thousands of jazz concerts, dozens of exhibitions and events related to art with prominent names in and beyond the Florentine art scene, with whom I created projects for the artistic personalization of my products, in particular wines. And thanks to them today I have a collection of over 250 art works including paintings and statues of which I am very proud. In recent years I have also collaborated with various Florentine organizations and foundations arranging fundraisings for social purposes, such as the Spadolini Foundation, Misericordia, the Meyer pediatric hospital.

A long journey marked by a common denominator that I carry within me: passion and quality.