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Wine tasting

We are pleased to announce a new service for those not Toscano and wants to take a ride in the Tuscan wines without leaving Florence. Both the restaurant, in front of the windows overlooking the Arno, the Uffizi, the Vasari Corridor and Ponte Vecchio, both privately in our wine cellar, home to our old bottles, you can drink a Chianti, and try to feel the difference with a red Montalcino or a noble of Montepulciano.


30 € / pax

This wine tasting can be organized in the Restaurant

Prosecco Pitti metodo Classico

Rosè Brut Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Bianco Toscano Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Rosso Toscano Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Chianti Classico


50 € / pax

This wine tasting can be organized in the retaurant or on the Wine Cellar (with 25% mark-up)

Rosè Brut Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Chardonnay Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Rosso di Montalcino Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Sangiovese di Greve Percorsi Tommaso Grasso

Brunello di Montalcino

All around Italy

100 € / pax

This wine tasting can be organized in the Wine Cellar

Chianti riserva





All wine-tasting will be accompanied by water, focaccia, olives and parmesan cheese. For special requests of our tasting cellar will try to meet your needs. The cellar can be used for a private meeting, a special appetizer, or a special occasion. Maximum 15 people.