Golden View

I’m Chef Andrea Candito and this is my story.

I was born in Naples into a family of restaurateurs. My father, the great chef Attilio Candito, was the owner and chef of a restaurant and pizzeria in the heart of Naples in the 80s and 90s, where all of us 4 children have learned the art of catering and hospitality. Being the youngest, I walked around the restaurant helping everyone as I could, but from the first day I was struck by the work in the kitchen, from that moment I understood that it would be my passion, and since that day I have never abandoned it.

While my older brothers dedicated themselves to the art of pizza, like my brother Carmine Candito, recognized among the best pizza makers in the world according to the “Gambero Rosso” guide, owner and pizza chef of the restaurant “O Munaciello” in Miami, Florida, or my older brother Aristotile, owner and chef of the “Arte Chef” in London, or like my sister Teresa, Maître, I was starting to take my first steps in the Campanian kitchens. After moving to Tuscany I broadened my knowledge of meats and wines. I graduated from the “Giorgio Vasari” Culinary Academy and had the privilege of working with masters such as Gaetano Trovato, restaurant and Relais Château “Arnolfo” with two Michelin stars; and Michelino Gioia, “Hotel Pellicano” one Michelin star and Leading Hotel.

In these 15 years of experience traveling around Italy from north to south passing through many Italian regions, for example in the Marche with the chef Entiana Osmenzesa I have expanded my knowledge and my skills on the Italian cuisine and also on a managerial and economic level, having managed the kitchen of the “O Munaciello” restaurant in Florence for 6 years and having collaborated with my brother in setting up the one in Miami.

Now I feel like taking everything I’ve learned over the years and starting this project which is a new stimulating challenge for me, being able to make all-round Italian cuisine, but with innovation and elegance.