Golden View

Tommaso Grasso founded this family business in 2002. The team has remained the same for years, with the coordination in the room by Simone V. Grasso, Tommaso’s cousin. You will find the Wine Manager Paolo Miano, with whom the Cellar was built, one of the largest and most important in the city.

Last, but not least, the women who take care of the welcome and respond to all your requests: Sara Taccetti, Tommaso’s wife, Marcella Nebbiai, Tommaso’s aunt, Cosmina Bleanda. The pink quota doesn’t end here, Party Chef Caterina Sarò together with her assistant Jenny Dudi.

At the helm of the kitchen, we see the young and enterprising chef Andrea Candito, who, together with his team, creates refined, elegant and tasty dishes.

“…In sul passo d’Arno”. This is how Dante saw it, and this is how our guests can admire it, comfortably seated, almost in the arms of the bridge that makes Florence dream.