Golden View

From the Golden View, whose windows overlook the Arno River, you touch Ponte Vecchio with a finger and your gaze flows over the windows of the Uffizi, illuminated by the sunlight that reflects on the river, giving a particular golden light at certain times of the day.

The owner is Tommaso Grasso, a passionate collector of art and wine. Tommaso is a tenacious forty-year-old born in Florence but of Sicilian origin; he started working with his father Francesco Grasso and his mother Anna Nebbiai in the family business that distributes excellent food products. His idea of the Golden View was born when he was very young and he now manages together with his wife Sara Taccetti.

“This place is home to me, a space where I express my passions related not only to food but also to wine and the world of art and philanthropy. I love to share them with my guests and with the whole team, with whom I have a beautiful relationship and perfect harmony. I consider this as a strategic factor for a company like this to function”.

Tommaso Grasso

Golden View is a restaurant that opens on 550 square meters, whose windows overlook the Ponte Vecchio, the Vasari Corridor, the Uffizi and the Arno River.

Entering through the main door, the long counter in olive wood and Carrara marble leads immediately to the gastronomy area with a showcase of the best Italian and international cheeses and hand-cut hams. Continuing, we arrive at the workbench of Party Chef Caterina Saraò and her assistant Jenny Dudi, where they prepare delicious desserts, which accompany the rich and tasty proposal of Chef Andrea Candito.

In the restaurant, there is also a real White Art laboratory that produces bread for the entire restaurant. In the laboratory, only 100% Italian organic wheat flour and mother yeast are used, rigorously looked after, as if they were a child, by Antonio and Gennaro.
Another peculiarity that distinguishes us in the city is the external window, where you can see the fish shop with Mediterranean and in particular Sicilian fish products such as the famous red prawns of Mazara and the purple prawn.