Golden View

I am Paolo Miano, born in Syracuse in the land of Sicily.

With the diploma in Chemical Expert, I moved to Milan to study Political Science. I drop out of university and start traveling. I lived in London, Saint Barth, Catania and Turin, where I attended the Holden School and finished a Master’s degree in “Structure and Technique of Narration”.

In 1996, in Florence, I met Francesco Grasso, Tommaso’s father. I left Florence in 1999, only to return after a few years. I inherited the love for Tuscany and wine from my maternal grandfather originally from Bucine in the province of Arezzo. After a continuous pilgrimage, in the early 2000s I returned to Florence and fell in love with the city.

I started my work at Golden View in the year it opened, it was 2002. In 2009 I moved to Syracuse to participate in the opening of a restaurant, but soon I realized I missed Brunello and in 2010 I decided to return to Florence. Since then I have been in charge of the cellar, the wine list, internal and external events in the restaurant. I define myself as a “Narrator Sommelier”, I love to tell with passion what you eat and what you drink. Some say I’m moody and confusing. “Virtues” that I do not deny!